Sunrise over Lower Red Rock Lake

Sunrise over Lower Red Rock Lake
Sunrise over Lower Red Rock Lake

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hyalite Creek Hike

I've been visiting my friend, Kathy, in Bozeman, Montana for a few days.  She kept my car while I flew to New Mexico. Last Friday we did a short but beautiful hike along Hyalite Creek. The creek and the canyon are named for a large opal found in the area.

View of Hyalite Creek from a turnout

Another creek view

View of a nearby summit from trailhead
The mostly shady trail starts above the reservoir that supplies Bozeman with water. An accessible trail goes to the Grotto Falls.

Columbine leaves - most were still green


View of creek from trail

A few of these bushes grew in sunny spots

Choke cherries were ripe
Kathy and me at Grotto Falls

Water flowing over colorful stones in shallow creek

Arch Falls - we could not get a clear view of the arch any more
The trail goes up another three and a half miles to a little lake and then continues on further to a summit. We turned around here and went back.

Rocky bluff along trail

Butterfly with stained glass wings

This is a very popular local hike and we saw at least ten groups of people and dogs on the trail. One lady was even pushing a jogging stroller.