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My Montana
My Montana

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Falling Water Hike

Hulin and I have been hiking almost every day.  Yesterday we did a forest road trip and just walked around town for our exercise. But today we had the prettiest hike ever. And if we could stay here another week, we might be able to hike six miles at a time, AND do 1000 feet elevation change.

On this day the trail either ran along Middlefork of the Red River or kept meeting it. I couldn't stop taking pictures of the beautiful waterfalls and the magical water music energized us throughout most of the trip.  The trail eventually went up to a little lake but I had to turn around about a half mile from it to catch back up with Hulin.

Pictures say it best.

Scene near start

Streamside flower

Hulin Crossing Stream near beginning of hike

Water falling over a pile of fallen trees

Woods flower
Hulin and hiker climbing one of many switchbacks

Another waterfall
Trail side boulder
Just another waterfall
A basking butterfly
Just another waterfall
Rare Vista
Tiny Stream
Another little falls
Hulin crossing Middlefork
Fellow hiker
View up one of the many switchbacks
Another basking butterfly

View into Red River Valley along our route to the hike