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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Second Try For Yellowstone

July 13, 2015

After spending most of day trying to get a campsite in Yellowstone, I got up early on Monday and as soon I stopped for a cup of coffee, I was on way.  I got to Norris campground around 7:00 A. M. where several campers were packing up to leave. I filled out an envelope, except for the site number,  and started on the hunt.  I liked number 80 and the tag on the post said the current owner would be leaving.  I asked him if he would mind if I put up my hammock and he said no, so I removed his tag and added mine to the post, then hung my hammock.

Then I had to go get my tire fixed. I thought I could get it fixed in the park, but found I did not have service at Mammoth, so had to go another five miles to Gardner. There I got  two pieces of bad news. My tire was ruined and also, the guy who changed my tired over tightened my lug nuts and stripped two of them. (Note to self: Don't let guys use the new lug nut wrench.)

The repair shop had to order them and then wait for the delivery truck to come bring them. I sat on the outside deck and read a book until the sun started getting bright. Then I asked the guy where I could find a coffee shop and was directed to a lovely, funky, bookshop/coffeeshop/cafe. I got a cup of coffee and read again until I started wanting to take pictures. So I went back to my car to get my camera, only to find the car was ready, at barely noon.  So, with all my problems fixed, I relaxed and looked around Mammoth a little, especially stopping at the Visitor Center and getting information on hiking.

Never got to use my hammock here or on this day at all. 

A pond near Norris Campground

This Entrance Gate road is being redone making the area easier to transverse

View of the Gibbon River

The coyote exhibit - one of several beautiful exhibits of the large mammals -
 at the Mammoth Visitor Center

I loved the bathroom tile 

Mammoth Visitor Center has just been completely renovated and is well worth visiting

The Mammoth elk that were lying around only feet away from the sidewalk

This was the most energetic elk - he was chewing his cud

I saw this couple on a hill overlooking Mammoth Village

I got back to my campsite in the early afternoon, only to find a huge tent on my site and a different tag on the post.  I hunted down the host who only offered me a site between several paths to the bathroom, directly across the street.  I agreed to take it but only for one night and asked him to just save me a site around the edge the next morning so I could leave at 6:00 A and go see some of what I'd come to Yellowstone to see.  Late in the evening I went off to see Yellowstone Canyon, hike down to the brink of the upper falls, and visit Artist Point.

Along the North Rim Trail

I think this is the creek that makes Crystal Falls as it comes out of this chamber
View of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone from the Brink of Upper Falls Trail

The brink of upper falls from the platform 

Hikers on Uncle Tom's Trail as seen from the platform over the brink

View of canyon near the beginning of Trail to Artists Point

My version of the most photographed spot in Yellowstone -
View from Artist's Point to Lower Falls

The obligatory bison picture - at the turn to Norris Canyon Road

After this, I came back to camp to eat supper, and edit pictures, before going to bed early.  Then I waited until 2:30 A.M., when the neighbors finally went to bed, to get to sleep.  I was awakened at 4:30 by another obnoxious neighbor illegally  starting up his generator. Not very fun camping.

But I got an early start at Norris Geyser Basin. Check the blog Wednesday for that story.

Tomorrow,  I'll be headed back to Norris campground to reserve a site to share with my best friend, Natalie, and her cousin, Lynn, who will meet me there tomorrow afternoon. I thought I was going to have to go to West Yellowstone today to solve my Internet problems, but I can get on the internet from our office.  I worked thirteen hours yesterday in order to clear today to leave. But I didn't finish my mowing - the mower managed to lose a pin that held the belt to turn the blades.  That job will probably still be waiting when I get back Thursday night.