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My Montana
My Montana

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Git Along Lil Dogies

Just before sunup with the crescent moon still showning

After waiting four and a half hours for the no-show cows yesterday, I almost missed them today.  I was out about 5:15 A. to put ropes across our driveways. Then I came back home to grab, my coffee and water bag. By the time I reached the road, I realized from the sound that they were almost to town.  I speed walked up to the top of the hill to catch a few pictures, then ran back down the hill and stationed myself in what turned out to be a horrible place for pictures because half of it was in the early morning sun, while the rest was in shade from the houses.

Coming round the last bend

A wall of cattle appeared

Volunteer Jim leads the way

Sun's up and turning black cows red

What the heck are YOU doing there?

Cattle and horseman

Some walked and some ran

Thinning out

The tail end with the new chuckwagon

Does that herding tool also work as a broom?

The new horse

Modern chuckwagon.  The herders slept on the road last night 

Heading toward the Utah University part of town

The cattle were around the bend by 6:30 A.M. and I saw the cowboys coming back out from establishing them in their pasture about 8:30 A.M.

The town curves and we can see past the east side. The cattle are doing the last mile to the turn to the pasture. 

The last time I saw the herders as they came back
from getting the cattle settled

Here's a little movie I made so you could also hear the drive.

I spent the rest of the morning hunting an eagle nest to see if they have young. But that's another blog.  I'll still be visiting Yellowstone - a little 3.5 day vacation from all this work -  when this blog comes out. I'm sure I'll have lots to tell  you about that.