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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Norris Geyser Basin in Two Lights

I am between my second and third visits to Yellowstone National Park.  On both the previous visits, I camped at Norris Campground. Norris Geyser Basin is less than two miles away.  I visited it the first time just before and after sunrise, in a fog. The second time, my friends arrived at camp, ate lunch and took a nap, then we went to the basin mid to late afternoon on a bright, clear day.

I am always impacted by light and loved seeing some of the same geysers in different lights. And it was also really nice to practically have the basin to myself the first time. And people were definitely getting less in number as the day waned during our second visit.

Some of the boardwalks were closed the first visit but open about a week later for the second visit which allowed us to see all the features.

A foggy look across Porcelain Basin

View from a different perspective of most of porcelain basin on a sunny afternoon

The soft light made this picture look like a painting
I liked how the light made the cool blues prominent early in the morning

I loved the soft lightening on this perfect juxtaposition of an old and new pinecone

This has just a pastel and surreal quality about it to me and more hints at what is there, than completely shows it

And no animals would not be hanging out along the trail except very early in the day

I could not often zoom in due to the fog, because the fog blocked closeup views

Some of the features were not yet sun-lit and gave off a moody feel

The afternoon clouds added to the beauty

I was able to zoom in to enjoy the "abstracts"

Another study of the beautiful colors and textures - not possible in fog or low light

A very long afternoon view

The Colloidal pool looked milkier in the afternoon light

And the afternoon wind increased the texture by adding
water ripples to all those colors and surface textures

Steamboat geyser was one I missed the first time
Pork Chop Geyser - it blew up in 1989 and blew those boulders out -is now a quiet pool

I don't think I'll ever get bored looking at the fantastic landscapes in different lighting conditions. But I expect my next visit will be focused on finding birds and other wildlife. And I'll bore you with a few more Yellowstone blogs from visits to other parts of this huge place.