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Saturday, July 25, 2015

West Thumb Glacier Basin

July 15, 2015

On my last day camping alone in Yellowstone, I went from my campsite at Norris to Fishing Bridge, and then on around to West Thumb Basin.

It is unique, in that part of it is under Yellowstone Lake.  Some of it is above water in the summer, but goes under water during snowmelt.  And it is also very beautiful.  I saw it under a mostly cloudy sky.  With all this heat going into Yellowstone Lake, you'd think this area would be warmer.  But the summer temps in the water are still about 45 degrees.

An elk seen on the way - chased by at least 30 cars of people

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Fishing Geyser - catch your fish, then dip it into here  to cook - no longer allowed

Baby killdeer 

View across the boardwalks

That's a red mud bubble

After visiting this basin, I came on around the Grand Loop until I could exit to West Yellowstone.  I stopped to buy a few groceries, then came home to work several long days before heading back to  Yellowstone to meet friends.